Sally Jenkins is a sports columnist for the Washington Post.

Sally joined Ken and Steve to talk about her recent article on deflate-gate and the AEI study on the subject.

Sally started off by talking about her column on deflate-gate and the AEI’s findings saying “well there are a couple of reasons to be very critical, your own common sense tells you if the league wasn’t protecting the balls before the game than the issue wasn’t very important to them…but all of a sudden it became the crime of the century.” As for the Wells report and whether or not it is accurate Sally said “the Wells report is full of 150 pages of flawed math that you can’t replicate…the Wells report hired a company called Exponent and they don’t have a great reputation, they produced a report that said smoking doesn’t cause cancer for instance.” Sally also talked about Roger Goodell and how he handled this whole ordeal and what may come with Tom Brady’s appeal of his suspension.