We knew the Orioles had to DFA someone, but I was really hoping that guy wouldn’t be Delmon Young. We all fell in love with him because of his heroics in the Postseason last year. I was on the air when he hit the game winning double against the Detroit Tigers. Delmon is expected to be traded in the next few days.

This had to be a really difficult decision for Buck. If you get rid of David Lough, then you don’t really have a backup center fielder if something happens to Adam Jones. Reimold could have been the odd man out, but I think Buck likes his defensive ability and the pop in his bat. Some may say that Reimold could play center, but do you really trust him with his history of health problems? We heard Steve Pearce mentioned as a possible DFA candidate but he has versatility in the field and he has more power potential than Young.

Anyway you slice it, this sucks. Schoop will be back soon and more decisions will have to be made regarding the starting rotation and our bench.

I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions, but if I was in charge… Delmon would still be here.


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