Ron Sirak is the Senior Writer for Golf Digest and a published author.

Ron joined Ken and Steve to talk about Rory McIlroy’s injury and if Tiger will rebound at some point.

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Ron started off by talking about how long Rory McIlroy will be out with an ankle injury saying “one of the hard things about golf injury is we never know if they’re using the words correctly or not is it ruptured or torn?…what I’m hearing is the PGA Championship is also probably unlikely for Rory.”

As for the reaction around the PGA tour from other golfers on Rory possibly being hurt playing soccer Ron said “the golfers I’ve talked to say if he wants to play soccer let him play soccer…I don’t know who could get in his ear and tell him not to except for one of his multi-million dollar sponsors who won’t see him wearing their gear.”

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Ron finished up by talking about the challenges in front of Tiger Woods, including the physical part of the game and the tabloid talk of his indiscretions with another player’s wife.