BALTIMORE (WJZ)–After the April riots, city youth groups are doing what they can to restore beauty and hope to help one of the hardest hit communities.

As Jessica Kartalija reports, they’re creating beautiful works of art for Sandtown.

It’s a scene that is unfortunately defining the Sandtown community

“We live here, we don’t want to live in a trashy community.  It doesn’t look good.  It’s doesn’t,” said Mordecai Wells.

So Mordecai Wells has a plan for this neighborhood

“After the riots, I wanted to make Baltimore even more beautiful than it is now,” he said.

Now the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts is teaming up with Jubilee Arts and Youthworks to create eight different murals.

“I think if they are going to put it up, it should be something relevant to the community after all the unrest we had here. So make it something positive,” one woman said.

“I think if they put a mural here, it should be something positive and uplifting since this is where the riots took place,” said another.

Eighty students from Baltimore City created the designs.

And not only do the murals add something beautiful to this community, it also exposes young people to the arts.

“We designed a mural. We didn’t paint it yet, but we designed it and researched everything we need to know about it and how we are going to do it,” said Serenity Wallace.

Some feature African American leaders. Others are symbols of love. Those who live here like the idea.

“I think it will be nice for the community for everyone to come out and give back to the community,” one woman said.

Mordecai calls it a step in the right direction.

“I’m beautiful and everything I make is beautiful. With my talent, I want to make Baltimore a beautiful place, just like me,” Mordecai said.

The students, ages 14 to 21, live in the Sandtown community.


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