BALTIMORE (WJZ) — All lanes at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel were shut down overnight after reports that cash has spilled inside the tunnel.

Christie Ileto with what we know.

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The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel was shut down just before 8 p.m. Wednesday. By 11 p.m., traffic was still being diverted.

MDTA Police say the doors of an armored truck flew open and cash spilled out into the roadway.

Police guard the southbound entrance of the Harbor Tunnel while cleanup crews collect whatever cash is still left inside. Both north and southbound tubes were shut down just before 8 p.m.

It’s still a mystery how the cash flew out of the armored truck.

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MDTA has not reported a crash and right now doesn’t suspect a crime has been committed, but it’s created a flurry of comments on Twitter.

Drivers–stunned to see cash flying around the tunnel–as police did what they could to collect it back from motorists who stopped to pick it up.

“Early on, there were some individuals who were stopping and getting out of their vehicle and picking up the cash,” said Sgt. Jonathan Green, Maryland Transportation Authority Police. “The problem now is that the ventilation for both the air in the tunnel and also the drainage system underneath the tunnel… some of the cash has wound up in both of those areas.”

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