This isn’t hyperbole on my part. I really think he might be washed up. I hope I’m wrong because golf is more interesting with him.

That said, only 7 golfers finished worse than him in the British Open. 3 were over 50 on the Champions Tour, 1 is 45, 2 others aren’t good enough to be on the PGA Tour, and 1 is an amateur. So, to put this in perspective, Tiger was the worst PGA Tour player in the British Open.

For the first time in his career, he missed back to back cuts in majors. He was one of the worst players at the US Open too. It doesn’t seem to be physical any more. It seems to be in his head. Some people say he needs to play more regularly to get his game back, but how can the once best player in the world continue to humiliate himself? Others say he should stop playing and just practice. However, he keeps saying he is practicing fine and just needs to take his game into tournaments to get better.

Never before have we seen a great golfer in his chronological prime suffer the collapse that Tiger has. I would be surprised if he ever becomes great again.