SAVAGE MILL, Md. (WJZ) — A story of violation. Two women break their silence to WJZ, talking about the day they learned that the president of Rams Head Group had secretly recorded women going to the bathroom in one of his restaurants–a bathroom they say they used.

Christie Ileto has their story.

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Inside a popular Maryland restaurant, a hidden camera was secretly recording unsuspecting women going to the bathroom for three years.

Kyle Muehlhauser admits he did it.

He’s the former president of Rams Head Group, which owns popular clubs and restaurants from downtown Baltimore to Annapolis to one in Savage Mill.

Muehlhauser confessed to hiding a camera under the sink aimed right at the toilet.

His admission was a shocking revelation to women who suddenly realized they were probably on that tape.

Two of those women are speaking out only to WJZ.

“When I saw it I was just shocked and I couldn’t believe that. We thought it was a nice facility,” said one woman.

They didn’t want to show their faces, but both tell WJZ they used the bathroom inside the Savage Mill location.

Ileto: “How often had you been at that restaurant?”

“A friend and I were meeting there for business meetings every month for at least seven to eight months, so we were there hours at a time,” said one woman.

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Police say because the camera didn’t show faces, it’s difficult to identify the women or count the number of victims.

Still, she’s filed a lawsuit against Muehlhauser and Rams Head Tavern in Savage Mill.

Her attorney, Russell Donaldson, represents nearly three dozen others.

“When you use the restroom, particularly in a public facility, you have a very reasonable expectation that that facility is going to be private and clean and decent and all of these women have suffered a significant violation of their dignity and their privacy,” said Donaldson.

The 37-year-old pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent, landing him 90 days in jail.

“I feel that the victims are being victimized yet again. It was one thing when we thought it was a few months, 90 days may have fit into that, but to know that he admitted to three years of violating the trust of his customers, 90 days is not sufficient,” said one woman.

“The way the world is today with the Internet, I don’t know where those pictures are today. I don’t know when they will pop up,” said another woman.

This woman says she visited the Savage Mill location once in December 2014, but that one trip to the bathroom means forever fear.

“I will always be affected by this in my lifetime. When I go into the restrooms now, I’m always looking around, fear that maybe someone else could do it,” she said.

Authorities say some of the confiscated video is recorded over or deleted, but that’s little comfort to the women who say they used the restrooms at Rams Head.

“They get to continue making money, taking peoples’ money and flourishing while there’s how many women out there that now have to always be looking behind their back,” said one woman.

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Muehlhauser has three years’ probation following his 90 day sentence, during which, he will be required to submit his computer equipment for random inspections.