The NFL has decided to move forward and suspend Tom Brady for 4 games. It has been a summer of waiting to find out if his suspension would be reduced. Brady will reportedly seek an injunction to allow him to play while his case is going through the court system. The really interesting information that came out today was about Brady destroying his cell phone on the day he was supposed to meet with Ted Wells about the investigation. Brady has said when he is done with a cell phone, that he always destroys it.

So let me get this straight. Brady, through texts, referred to a man as “The Deflator” because he was trying to lose weight in the only case where someone is accused of deflating footballs. He also destroyed his telephone on the day he is being requested to hand it over for an investigation. He always destroys his cell phone when he is done using it. I’m so sick of the lies and all of the B.S. It’s becoming more and more difficult to believe anything that’s being said from that group up North.