BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Good ideas have to come from somewhere and a Baltimore success story is now poised to travel around the world.

Mike Schuh has more.

As soon as it opens, there’s a line at the Chaps Pit Beef stand.

“Some I’m nice to; some I’m mean to,” said Bob Creager, owner of Chaps Pit Beef.

Creager’s customers have been very nice to him in the 28 years he’s been piling on the beef at Chaps.

“You know when you come in here we make everything fresh every day,” he said.

Fresh burgers, fresh slaw, fresh chicken and, of course, a couple of dozen fresh slabs over a charcoal fire, sliced thin and finished back over the coals.

“I come all the way from Cockeysville to come here. I usually plan my day when I’m going to be here and do some shopping. I got my oil changed over this way but it’s all tied to this,” said Dan Clark.

“I have it all right up here, too,” Creager said.

But not for long. A management company arrived Wednesday to document and franchise Chaps. They’re going to taste everything, get it on video and come up with a plan so any restauranteur can run a Chaps.

“It will be the kitchen Bible,” said Mark Ludes. “The kitchen Bible for Chaps Pit Beef.”

“I just want it to spread out now. I want it to grow. I want to open up some new locations. I want to leave my mark now,” said Creager.

And strike while the fire’s hot—not bad for what was a 12X15 shack. It’s been expanded now 10 times and is run by a steelworker who, 28 years ago, was told he was a good cook.

“Whenever they get a plug, I get a case of beer,” Creager said.

In about six months, they expect to be able to offer up to 60 franchises for sale.


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