BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New revelations in the Freddie Gray death case. The deputy state’s attorney, who’s prosecuting the six officers involved, also once defended Freddie Gray in court.

Now the officers’ lawyers are crying foul.

Rick Ritter on the latest conflict of interest accusations.

WJZ spoke with one of the officer’s attorneys. He says they recently learned about the prosecutor representing Freddie Gray in the past and they’re now investigating it.

Less than three months away from trial for the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, and controversy continues to swirl.

In a new court filing Thursday, defense attorneys claim prosecutors in Marilyn Mosby’s office are withholding evidence.

Raising even more eyebrows, those documents cite an alleged conflict of interest with Baltimore’s deputy state’s attorney Jan Bledsoe, who once represented Gray and is now prosecuting the officers charged.

Documents include a letter dated September 2012 from the Office of the Public Defender addressed to Jan Bledsoe, informing her she had been assigned to represent Freddie Gray, who was then facing drug charges.

Legal expert Andrew Levy says the prosecutor would have to use that earlier encounter with Gray against the six officers.

“The judge is going to want to have something very specific in terms of how this alleged conflict of interest is somehow being used against the defendant,” said Levy.

WJZ reached out to Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to get her thoughts on the alleged conflict of interest. She released a short statement, saying:

“Unfortunately in Baltimore City, many defendants become victims of crime. Lawyers also change roles within the legal profession. Defending an individual one day does not preclude an attorney from fighting for justice for that same individual the next.”

Thursday’s motion is just one of many making headlines. Another was filed to have the six officers tried elsewhere in Maryland. Prosecutors already disputed that motion.

Trial is set for October 13. All six officers have pleaded not guilty.

Of the six officers charged, only Caesar Goodson Junior is accused of second-degree, depraved heart murder. The charges against the other officers include misconduct, manslaughter and assault.

In a statement, Michael Belsky, one of lawyers representing the six officers, says:

“The Defense attorneys filed a Motion to Compel Evidence and for Sanctions today. We are just learning about the prosecutor’s prior representation of Freddie Gray and are investigating it as we are investigating every facet of this case. We have filed no Motion relative to this issue at this point and will continue to litigate this case in the courtroom and not in the press.”

The officers’ attorneys claim prosecutors have information indicating Freddie Gray attempted to injure himself during a prior arrest, but that they’re withholding it. The motion asks the circuit court to sanction prosecutors in Mosby’s office and remove them from the case.

Attorneys for some officers recently filed motions arguing their clients were not properly advised of their rights during interrogations.

In a previous court filing, prosecutors said all of the evidence from their office’s investigation was handed over last month as part of the discovery process.

Rick Ritter