By Mike Schuh

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — Across the state, students are counting the number of days left in their summer vacations as they prepare for another school year.

As WJZ’s Mike Schuh reports, some high schoolers will return with a new skill set.

From 130 schools, 400 of the best athletes in Maryland were at North County High because they were chosen as leaders.

“They have been hand-selected by their schools as leaders, potential captains of their athletic teams, people that they believe can go back to their schools and make a difference based on some of the things they learned here today,” said Andy Warner, executive director of MPSSAA .

Gregory Dale, Duke University’s sports psychologist, asked these teens to change something about their appearance.

He says before you can improve yourself and be a leader, you have to know how to change.

“You guys are here because somebody saw you and saw the potential in you as a leader,” Dale said. “During my time, I’m going to challenge you that there’s probably at least one thing you need to change. Some of you have some bad habits.”

Parked out front of the school–a driving simulator.

“Car crashes are the number one killer of teens in America. And that’s why we bring this program to high schools across the country–because we want kids to be aware of how dangerous it is–not just to text and drive, but to drive distracted,” said Kyla O’Brien, of All State.

Myles Jones is a left tackle, and as coordinated as he may be, texting and driving is beyond his abilities.

“You need both of your eyes to look at the road,” Jones said.

With 400 leaders going back to 130 schools, perhaps that message will spread.

Besides the simulator and the motivational speaker, the teens participated in a full day of leadership workshops.


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