The Orioles are playing a man short right now, and it looks like it is hurting them.

On Tuesday night, they could have used a righty out of the bullpen. Buck was holding off on O’Day and passed on Jason Garica. McFarland walked a righty to load the bases and gave up a hit to a righty that lost the game.

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If he had a right-hander that he had confidence in, I would imagine he would have pulled McFarland and let the righty give it a go. Similar situation to Sunday. The Angels had a runner on 2nd with two outs in a tie ballgame. Matusz on the hill. Buck has him walk 2 righties (Trout and Pujols) so Matusz can go lefty on lefty to Murphy. It backfired and they lost.

Again, if he had a righty he had confidence in, he probably pulls Matusz so a righty can face Trout, then Pujols.

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Both times, he avoided Garcia.

In his postgame comments Tuesday, when discussing the bullpen, he didn’t even name Garcia. It’s clear Buck doesn’t want to use him, which I understand. However, the Orioles are trying to play catch up for a playoff spot. Does it make sense to play, basically, a man down?

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Throw in the fact that Lough, Reimold, Lake and Flaherty don’t help you and that’s a tough way to compete right now. Garcia better have a great future, because if they miss the playoffs by a game or two, we can look back on having Garcia, not Hunter, as a costly decision.