By Rick Ritter

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A proposed nuclear deal with Iran is still causing major controversy in Maryland. Hundreds rally against the agreement with Senator Ben Cardin under intense pressure to choose a position.

Rick Ritter talks to protesters who say a lot is riding on this vote.

Many feel  the deal has good intentions, but say it still falls short and that no deal is better than a bad one.

Dramatic campaigns with hard hitting messages to hundreds of protesters, the battle over a nuclear deal with Iran remains heated.

Supported by the White House, the agreement would curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the U.S. lifting economic sanctions against the country.

At Penn Station Wednesday, some voiced their frustrations.

“We’re talking about a party that’s cheated in the past,” said Jay Bernstein, Board of Baltimore Zionist District.

Others fear for their families.

“I’m worried for my grandchildren and what’ll happen if this agreement will go through and the lives they will have to live,” said Berly Hershkovitz.

But together, they call on Senator Ben Cardin, who holds a crucial vote, to step up.

Even though the deal is drawing backlash, there are still plenty of people for it, saying it’s a win-win for both countries.

Without more support from Democrats, it’s likely the deal goes through.

“The fight is primarily on the Democratic side,” said Dylan Williams, J Street.

Votes that won’t be forgotten.

“We’re going to remember who voted for this and who voted against it,” said Michael Pregent.

Congress has until September 17 to vote. Senator Cardin says he’s spending most of his days being lobbied by both sides on the issue.

Special interest groups have spent more than $40 million on ads aimed at pressuring the congressional delegation.

Rick Ritter


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