By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It’s presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley’s turn in the crosshairs of Donald Trump. Trump is calling the former Maryland governor a weak, pathetic baby.

Trump blasted O’Malley’s apology for stating “All lives matter” during a black lives matter protest.

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WJZ’s Pat Warren explains what prompted Trump’s attack.

Martin O’Malley’s appearance at a July gathering in Phoenix was interrupted by protestors representing the black lives matter movement.

O’Malley was booed and criticized by the group for diminishing the significance of unarmed black men shot by police. He later clarified his position.

“I believe what I first said was that black lives matter before those other two phrases and when I said those other two phrases I meant no disrespect to the point, which I understand, that black lives matter is making,” O’Malley said.

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump blasted O’Malley for this apology.

“That was a mistake on my part, I meant no disrespect and I meant not be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand.”

Trump comments on the O’Malley’s apology saying, “Then he apologized like a little baby, like a disgusting, little weak pathetic baby. And that’s the problem with our country.”

In a statement to WJZ, the O’Malley campaign says, “Governor O’Malley stands with those who have the guts to stand up to Donald Trump’s hate speech. Unlike the rest of the republican field, we’re not interested in engaging in a race to the bottom with Mr. Trump.”

The O’Malley campaign took another shot, saying it speaks volumes about the Republican Party that Donald Trump is their frontrunner.

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The Trump interview is scheduled to air on Fox News this weekend.