By Rick Ritter

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pays a visit to his friend Larry Hogan. Christie had campaigned for Hogan in Maryland’s race for governor.

Now in campaign 2016, Hogan is repaying the favor, headlining Christie’s big ticket fundraiser.

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Rick Ritter explains why some Marylanders don’t support the relationship.

It was Christie who publicly supported Hogan during his campaign, the Freddie Gray riots and his ongoing battle with cancer–but some say the New Jersey governor is the wrong man to follow.

It’s viewed as a brother-type relationship. Moments after Larry Hogan won what many considered a long shot, it was Chris Christie he acknowledged.

“I want to thank Governor Christie for bringing the cavalry from New Jersey,” said Gov. Hogan.

The two have backed each other for months–from the campaign trail to when Governor Hogan was diagnosed with cancer in June. Christie and his wife even donned “Hogan Strong” bracelets.

So when the New Jersey governor hosted a Maryland fundraiser Thursday, it’s no surprise Hogan was part of it, but the two were greeted with protestors outside Loews Hotel–some as far as Newark.

“Our state has suffered under his tenure. We have increased poverty. We lead the nation in foreclosures,” said Ana Lilia Mejia, director of New Jersey Working Families.

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They are urging Hogan not to follow Christie’s policies in New Jersey.

“His first loyalty has to be to the people who voted him in as governor,” said Charly Carter, executive director of Maryland Working Families.

The Maryland Democratic party criticizes Hogan as well, saying he’s followed Christie’s lead since he took office in January, adding in part: “Hogan took a page out of Christie’s playbook when he shortchanged Maryland schools by $68 million and disinvested in mass transit. What’s next?”

Despite the critics, Hogan took office with an overwhelming amount of support–support that’s far from gone.

“He has the experience and leadership, he has the philosophies that the country needs,” a Hogan supporter said.

Hogan has said in the past he would not have won without Christie’s support.

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Tickets to Thursday night’s fundraiser ranged from $1,000 to more than $2,500. It was Governor Christie’s first in Maryland since announcing his candidacy for the GOP nomination.

Rick Ritter