Wally Williams is a former NFL offensive lineman who played for the Browns, Saints, and the Ravens.

Wally joined Ed and Steve to talk about whether the Ravens should suit up Joe Flacco Saturday Night behind an offensive line of mostly backups.

Steve asked Wally about what he thinks about the Ravens planning on playing starting quarterback Joe Flacco in their upcoming preseason game despite the substantial amount of injuries to the offensive line. Wally thinks that the decision to play him comes down to coach John Harbaugh wanting to send the message that the Ravens best players need to get their work in and get ready for the regular season, “Joe has to get his work in too, but it will be under a watchful eye. If it goes south, then I think Harbaugh will pull him pretty quickly.”

Ed asked Wally about the prevalence of non-contact injuries around the NFL over the past few years. Wally noted that players in today’s game seem to lack the toughness that players in past generations displayed, “these kids are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before, but these are artificial kids. They get hurt very quickly. It didn’t seem like these kinds of injuries existed 20 years ago in the league.”

Wally went on to discuss his take on how much we should expect Joe Flacco and other starters to play in the Ravens upcoming preseason game against the Redskins, as well as the New England Patriots signing veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne, and the Pittsburgh Steelers signing quarterback Michael Vick.


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