Dr. Kevin Crutchfield is a neurologist for Life Bridge Health Medical Services.

Dr. Crutchfield joined Ed and Steve to talk about the upcoming movie “Concussion” on the NFL head injuries and long term effects.

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Steve asked Dr. Crutchfield about what the NFL fears the most about the movie Concussion, which comes out in theaters soon. Dr Crutchfield acknowledged that, “the biggest fear of the NFL was that this information could negatively affect the talent pool of the sport because parents will be better informed about the potential dangers of the sport.”

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Ed asked Dr. Crutchfield to give some background on Dr. Ben Omalu who the movie is centered around. “Ben is a caricature of a person. In reality the background is Ben is just a pathologist. He was on call the day Mike Webster died. Because of the way Mike Webster’s body appeared to have been traumatized, he looked at the brain. When he sliced into the brain he saw an abnormality that had been reported in the past in boxers and soccer players. So he brought the information to the Steelers, who then went after Ben for bringing these findings up. I’m glad they made a movie about this, but I’m not sure how much of it will be true to the facts of what happened.”

Dr. Crutchfield went on to discuss reports that Sony made alterations to the film because of fear towards the NFL, the effect of this movie may have on the sport of football, and what he would tell parents who are thinking about signing their kids up for youth football.

Check out the trailer for the film.

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