By Meghan McCorkell

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It’s been years since enhanced screening at airports went into effect, still TSA officials say every day passengers try to bring banned items through security checkpoints.

WJZ’s Meghan McCorkell has more on what is being confiscated.

While firearms are certainly the number one danger found inside carry-on bags, some of the other things the TSA has confiscated may surprise you.

Nun-chucks, ninja throwing stars, even a meat slicer, yes, a meat slicer!

Even more odd to try and bring them through airport security.

“I’ll ask a passenger direct to the face do you have anything prohibitive in the bag, ‘No’…We open up the bag and he’ll have a knife. He’ll have a fake gun,” said TSA Federal Security Director Scott Johnson.

Each year TSA officials confiscate thousands of banned items. The strangest wind up on their Instagram page– as a reminder of what’s not allowed.

The most serious–firearms. Last month, officers stopped more than 1,900 nationwide.

Last year, 14 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags by TSA agents at BWI airport.

Just this July at BWI, five knives, a hatchet, smoke grenades, rope cutters, along with five bottle rockets and a folding saw, were all found in one man’s carry-on. He claimed he was on a camping trip and forgot to remove the items from his bag.

The TSA– under increased pressure–after an undercover investigation revealed security flaws earlier this year.

67 out of 70 times, fake explosive and banned weapons went undetected by screeners.

TSA officials say they have revised screening procedures and provided more training for workers.

Just last week, the TSA confiscated a record 67 firearms from airline passengers across the country, 56 of them were loaded.

TSA officials say of all the guns confiscated last year— 83 percent of them were loaded.



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