BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The numbers are in—all but one of Maryland’s casinos are seeing a boost in their bottom line.

But, as Gigi Barnett reports, altogether, the gaming centers took in nearly $88 million last month.

Maryland’s casinos are coming up big on revenue, according to a new number released by the state’s gaming commission this week. Four of its five casinos saw a boost in their bottom line last month.

“We’re up over 6.2% in September,” said Maryland Lottery & Gaming Director Gordon Medenica.

Maryland Live—the state’s largest casino—saw a nearly nine percent jump in revenue between 2014 and last month. Ocean Downs Casino came in at 15% and out west at Rocky Gap Casino, there was a six percent hike in their bottom line. Hollywood Casino in Perryville boosted by five percent. Only Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino saw a dip, but the gaming commission believes there’s a clear reason for that.

“A year ago, there was still that euphoria from the launch. They had just opened up,” Medenica said. “To be as close that performance…[is] pretty good.”

“I don’t really know why this one is in that situation. I find the staff much more friendlier than down the street; I find some of the promotions better,” said Stephanie Berkovits.

Berkovits and Behrooz Jamshidi play poker at Horseshoe several times a week. They’re stumped as to why its revenue numbers aren’t soaring.

As in any game, competition, they say, may be a cause.

“There are three others around it and people from Virginia usually go to the closer one, which might be Live, and Washington. This might be the only reason,” Jamshidi said.

Over the last year, the state says its casinos were dealt a pretty good hand.

The state says it expects to see continued growth at its largest casinos, which include Maryland Live and Horseshoe Baltimore. The state’s sixth casino, MGM National Harbor, is set to open next year.


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