Corey Chavous is a former NFL 11 year veteran and the founder of, as well as a College Sports analyst for the CBS Sports Network.

Corey joined Ed and Steve to talk about the latest news and notes around college football.

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Ed asked Corey if Steve Spurrier retiring was a result of the teams poor performance or if there was something else involved, “I think he just left. When you look back to last years bowl game, he almost apologized for how they won. I think the steady decline has been tough on him.”

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Steve asked Corey about how the Maryland head coaching job stacks up against other coaching jobs in college football. Corey believes the Maryland job is an appealing one saying, “I think it measures pretty well. Maryland has always been relevant. Now that they are in the Big Ten it will help them in recruiting.”

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Corey went on to discuss the Florida Gators, Michigan Wolverines, and Utah Utes great starts to the season, and some potential head coaching candidates for the University of Maryland.