ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Learning from the pros. Students from Anne Arundel County get to see how what they learn in class applies to the real world.

Amy Yensi has more from the Engineering Expo.

From the roads to cars that ride on them, the work of engineers is evident all around us. Wednesday, students got a chance to ask experts how they keep Maryland moving.

“It might show me how you use it in the real world,” said student Charlie Caldwell.

The students got 10 minutes at each station to talk to experts and learn about different fields of engineering.

“I’m trying to see which kind of engineering I want to do, so I’m just hoping to see which kinds there are and which one I feel more connected to,” said student Kyle McDaniels.

The interactive workshop is part of the Annual Highway Construction & Engineering Career Day. Anne Arundel County middle and high school STEM students–that’s science, technology, engineering and math—see how the fields make a difference in our daily lives.

“Civil engineering needs young engineers in the various professions,” said Raymond Streib.

“Whether it’s moving goods or people to and from, we got a job. We’re always busy,” said district engineer Mark Crampton.

The State Highway Administration and Maryland Quality Initiative partnered up in hopes of inspiring future civil engineers.

“It gives me an example of what I’d do for the rest of my life,” said student Aumoni Robinson.

Organizers plan to host the career day every year.