Jim Trotter is the author of a book called ‘Junior Seau: The Life and Death of a Football Icon’.

Jim joined Ed and Steve to talk about the latest news around the NFL.

Steve asked Jim about his thoughts on how the AFC North Division is shaping up. Jim expected the Bengals to play well before the season start saying, “I thought that Cincinnati would be the class of the division during the regular season. And then at that point it would either be Pittsburgh or Baltimore that would finish second. I’m surprised that the Ravens are 1-6 but their inability to close out games or make a play late has been glaring.”

Ed asked Jim about the early season struggles of the San Diego Chargers. Jim believes their struggles come down to a couple of reasons, “in the off season they had two main focuses. One was adding speed defensively and the other was getting more chunk plays out of the running game. So far the Chargers haven’t been able to establish the run game on offense. Defensively the pass rush hasn’t been consistent and the secondary hasn’t played well.”

Jim went on to discuss which NFL franchise he believes will move to Los Angeles, the tragedy of Junior Seau, and what the game of football may look like in the future as players continue to struggle with problems concerning brain injuries sustained from collisions while playing.


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