BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The visiting tall-ship program, Sail Baltimore is ending the season in a big way with a majestic tall ship built more than 100 years ago.

WJZ’s Amy Yensi has more.

Sail Baltimore, wraps up the season with one of the biggest and oldest sailing ships in the world: the Statsraad Lehmkul.

“This is probably, I would say, the very best sailing ship in the world because of all the qualities she’s got, she’s got the historic aspect. She’s got the size. A very seaworthy ship,” said Captain Marcus Seidl.

Seidl is at the helm of Baltimore’s last visiting ship.

The boots on deck, belong to  the first year cadets in Norway’s Naval Academy, most of them have never been at sea, but get to train on the 102-year-old, tall ship.

“We’re really glad to see land because we haven’t seen land in a while and we haven’t been on shore in six, almost seven weeks now,” said Birger Andresen, 1st year cadet.

A big part of the training is to climb upwards of 100 feet to set sail. There are 22 sails on this ship. Imagine doing that, at sea!

“We recruit vessels to come downtown and the idea is that each one of them brings a cargo of goodwill, of economic opportunity, educational opportunity,” said Michael McGeady, president of Sail Baltimore.

The Norwegian ship, on its 11th visit to Baltimore, completes the international fleet that’s brings a glimpse of the world,  to the Inner Harbor each year.

The ship is named after a Norwegian politician– its open to the public this weekend and  it’s completely free.

For more information CLICK HERE.


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