Howard Balzer is the Pro Football Administrator for the Sports Xchange, and has been a long time reporter for the St. Louis Rams.

Howard joined Ed and Steve to talk about what the Ravens should expect from the Rams on Sunday.

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Steve asked Howard what the opinion has been in St. Louis has been of wide receiver Tavon Austin. Howard noted that many people do think he hasn’t lived up to the hype, “I don’t know if he has yet totally lived up to the expectations. I think some still think that with all he can do it might have been a little bit of a stretch to trade up to draft him at number 8. He is having a very good year this season.”

Ed asked Howard if he believes that head coach Jeff Fisher is overrated. Howard acknowledged that while he hasn’t made many playoff appearances in his coaching career, that has more to do with his quarterbacks over the years, “he is highly thought of, yet there are those that believe he is overrated. Nobody believes his job is in jeopardy, but there are many that think it should be. When you look back to his days in Tennessee he had Steve McNair at quarterback and he fared much better. In fact the Titans during a five year stretch had one of the best records in the league along with the St. Louis Rams.”

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Howard went on to discuss the possibility of the Rams moving to Los Angeles, how he would rate the level of play in the NFL this season, and whether or not Mike Mussina should be a Hall of Famer.