BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A young father is gunned down trying to protect his children. Now, after nearly a month, police say his killer is behind bars.

Meghan McCorkell has more on this major arrest.

This was a crime that outraged the entire city. Kendal Fenwick was gunned down right outside of his home. Now police say his killer is caught.

Investigators say 21-year-old Devante Brim is the one who fired the fatal shot that killed young father Kendal Fenwick.

“Devante Brim is the poster child of a violent repeat offender in Baltimore,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

kendal fenwick

Friends say Fenwick was in a dispute with local drug dealers for building a fence around his home to keep his children away from their business. He was shot outside his house November 9 as his children hid inside.

Community members linked Brim to the killing.

“Tips were called in and we had quite a few people, brave souls, that came forward and talked to us,” said Col. Stanley Brandford, Baltimore City Police Department.

Brim was arrested days after the murder for another shooting. Investigators say he used the same gun.

Fenwick is one of more than 300 people murdered in the city just this year.

Friday night, activists gathered in the Oliver Community, where three people have been gunned down recently.

“It’s an unending cycle of violence, and it’s happening everywhere,” said Ronald Crawford.

And leaders say the community needs to step up.

“It’s absolutely crazy, and something has to be done in this community, something has to be done in this city,” one woman said.

Back in Park Heights, community members have finished the fence Kendal Fenwick started and city leaders say that block will now be named after him.

“His name is always going to be remembered,” said Sharon Middleton, Baltimore City Council.

As his alleged killer faces justice.

Devante Brim has a lengthy criminal record, previously facing attempted murder, assault, drug and weapons charges.

There have been 318 murders in Baltimore City in 2015–the deadliest year, per capita, in history.