Jobs in photography have seen a multitude of versatile changes over the years. From the earlier days of film development and distribution, to the digital technology of today, jobs in photography have possibly seen more changes to the overall profession than most other careers.

Some of the older jobs in photography have completely vanished altogether. The concept of a one-hour photo was novel in the 1990s, but not in the shadow of the rapidly emerging digital photo age, with quick methods for viewing and printing photos. What has emerged with the new digital age of photography are more print centers catered to digital cameras and smart devices, relying on member cards and USBs. Whether taking photos to a print center or working as a professional digital photographer, editing and enhancing photo quality is also a newer, rapidly developed concept being implemented in today’s photography. This includes using techniques for redeye removal, effects and other image alterations and touch-ups.

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Regardless of how individual jobs have changed within the photography industry, the need for a decent photographer never has. Overall, the duties of a photographer entail using cameras and technical operating equipment, creativity, a good eye and a sharp shoot. Oftentimes, experience working in laboratories and using microscopes is also essential.

There are a great number of professional photographers in and around Baltimore. Some photographers specialize in a particular field or fields, such as weddings or events, fashion, advertising, aerial, pets and children, nature, action, real estate/architecture, photojournalism, portraits and many other interests. Some popular photographers around Baltimore include Maryland Photography, Inc. in Columbia, which specializes in real estate and commercial photography, and noted event photographers like Premier Event Services, Pure Light Images, Bayline Studios and several others.

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The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that career growth as a professional photographer only has a four percent projected rate of growth for the years 2012 to 2022, lower than other professions. However, less permanent jobs like freelance photography and photography assistance with big name stores tend to peak around the holiday season. reported that some seasonal photographers can earn an average of $17,000 a year.

Most photography jobs require a minimum of a high school diploma, with some exceptions like careers in photojournalism that require more experience and training. Most standard training is done long-term, on the job under an apprenticeship. However, some emerging careers in digital photography may prefer entry-level photographers to have additional training from an accredited program. Some of the best schools in Baltimore for digital photography training include the Maryland Institute of Art, the Community College of Baltimore County, the Dodson School of Art, Techlab Photo and Digital Imaging and Art Exposure, Inc.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median salary for professional photographers in 2012 was $28,490 annually. The average hourly wage was $13.70.

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