Femi Ayanbadejo joined Norris and Davis to recap the outcome of the Super Bowl.

“When the Ravens aren’t playing, I have pretty good clarity. I’m really able to sit down and be an analyst and take apart the skill sets of both teams and look at the maturity of the quarterbacks..and I look at the defenses and when I started to take the game apart and really look at what was going to happen, I thought ‘Denver’s offense would be anemic and I thought Carolina’s defense would be anemic too, and I thought Cam would turn the ball over and he did.”

He continued to compare the maturity of the two quarterbacks and karma in football.

Ayanbadejo commented on Cam Newton’s response to losing the Super Bowl, “He’ll be in another Super Bowl, he’s probably the most dynamic person at the quarterback position. I’m not concerned about his future. It’s a growth process. I’m just really happy for Peyton…it comes full circle back to that karma thing, he’s one of the best men in sports and I’m really happy for him. I think it ended the way it’s supposed to.”

Tune in below to hear more from the interview:

Ayanbadejo earned a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV and is the older brother of NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo.


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