Just when you thought the NFL might pump the brakes a bit on bad ideas for 2016 they crank out yet another.

To make a statement about their strong stance on domestic violence they have announced that college players with domestic violence, sexual assault or weapons convictions will not be allowed to attend the Scouting Combine. However, they are still allowed to be drafted and play in the NFL.

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Sooooo, let me understand this…the NFL has no problem allowing people with domestic violence or sexual assault convictions to work for them but players are forbidden from attending the event where teams have the opportunity to interview players regarding exactly these issues.

Once again the NFL offices are insulting the intelligence of their fans while posing as pillars of morality.

Firstly, not allowing players with such issues to attend the Combine but allowing them to be drafted is insulting. If you are serious about cleaning up your house shouldn’t employment be forbidden instead?  All you have done is make it more difficult for teams to interview these players. You are penalizing the innocent (teams) while still providing a workplace for domestic abusers, offenders etc.

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Secondly, why impose these rules on such a narrow group of offenses?  Is domestic violence any worse than killing someone while driving drunk?  Worse than someone who sold drugs for years?  Why not create a comprehensive policy with real teeth?  Include other things you consider problematic and prevent them from coming into the league at all.

Or… do none of the above and just treat these players on a case by case basis and weed them out at the Combine or decide they made a mistake and give them a chance. Ummm, kind of what you do now.

This new policy does nothing and tells me you don’t really care about domestic violence or sexual assault but you sure do make me want to think you do.

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Whatever you do please stop telling me it’s raining while peeing on my leg.