Even the most die hard baseball fans will admit that the games are way too long and it has impacted the popularity of the sport a bit.  Ideas such as actually enforcing the pitch clock to limiting the number of times a batter can step out of the box have been discussed as options to speed up the game.

One idea that I really think deserves serious consideration was put forth by Joel Sherman of the NY Post a few days ago.

He suggests that the MLB teams be given five timeouts during the course of a game and they can be used for anything from a catcher walking to the mound or a batter talking to a third based coach to square away signs.  This simple suggestion really seems to make sense especially when some teams needlessly stop play by excessive pitcher/catcher conferences etc adding lots of down time to a game that to many younger fans is already too slow.

I hope Commissioner Manfred gives this idea some serious attention because of all the changes that are being discussed right now (DH in both leagues, neighborhood play at second and home field determined by the All Star Game winning league) none seem as important as addressing the speed of the game.