If he was dressed in Orioles orange I would be telling you what a terrific get Dexter Fowler was. A switch-hitting true leadoff hitter with a high on base percentage, a nice mix of power and speed and a plus defender in right field, just what Dr. Showalter ordered right?

Instead I’ll ask you who needs a leadoff hitter who strikes out 150 times a season and has very questionable judgement? Yes, like John Elway and Terrell Owens, Mr. Dexter Fowler has decided Baltimore’s not for him, Hon. It wasn’t always this way. He winked at us long enough to get the Orioles to offer him a 3-year, $33 million dollar deal.

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National baseball writers said there was an agreement, his Cubs teammates sent him messages wishing him well in Baltimore and he spoke to Orioles star Adam Jones about being Baltimore teammates. It all was warm and fuzzy until a funny thing happened, apparently geographically challenged Fowler showed up in Arizona not Florida. While Adam Jones was ready to greet his new teammate in Sarasota Dexter Fowler was hugging Joe Maddon in Mesa, Arizona.

Surprise! The Prodigal son of a *&^# was home back with the Cubs.

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The Baltimore deal went up in smoke because the Orioles wanted a 3-year deal to be a 3-year deal, after all they were giving up a first round draft pick and 33-million for Fowler. The Fowler camp cried “fowl” agent Casey Close, ripped Baltimore and said the Orioles intentionally ignored free agency rules.
“In my 25 years in this business, never before have I witnessed such irresponsible behavior on so many fronts,” he said in a statement posted online. “Both the Orioles front office and members of the media were so busy recklessly spreading rumors that they forgot or simply chose not to concern themselves with the truth.”

So according to Close, the Orioles front office and the media conspired to do-in his client. Sorry, but I didn’t get the “let’s bury Fowler” memo and at last check I was a paid-up and in-good-standing member of the media club. I wonder if the agent-client relationship is a little strained here and Mr. Close is mad at the world.

Remember the Cubs gave Fowler a $15.8 million dollar qualifying offer in November and the agent rejected it. The Orioles offer was reportedly 3 years for $33 million and that too was rejected, instead he’ll likely play 1 year for $8 million with a $5 million buyout. So if he makes $13 million this year that’s nearly $3 million less than those same Cubs offered him nearly 4 months ago. Nice job on the billable hours Mr. Close.

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Glad this all worked out for Dexter because we’ve heard that Fowler’s heart was always with the Cubs. His heart may have been with the Cubs but he was busy flirting with the Orioles and his rear-end would have been in Baltimore if he and his agent would have got their opt-out way.