Paul Bessire with joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn today to give us some tips for filling out our NCAA Tournament Brackets.

Scott Garceau asked Paul where he see’s the Terps going in this year’s tournament, “Does Maryland get a win over South Dakota State? Do they advance over maybe a Cal and then they run into Kansas and the party is over?” Paul said, “Yup, that’s exactly the most likely scenario for them. It is a single digit game against South Dakota State so pay attention to that…Maryland makes it that far but Kansas, one of the best teams in the country, ends up winning over Maryland in the most likely scenario.”

Scott later asked Paul for his lower seeds that are good value picks for the final four, “Only in Kentucky. Kentucky is the sixth ranked team in our power rankings. Kentucky is the sixth most likely team to win a championship. Now the West is so chaotic and so bad I guess is another way to phrase it right now. Significantly the worst of the four regions. Duke could do something but Duke could also lose to UNC-Wilmington because we have that as a single digit game. So I don’t think that Duke is going to make a deep run here. It’s not likely at least but in the West if you are filling out a bracket; look for chaos to reign there. If you want to force in some upsets at least by seed a team like VCU could potentially make a deep run. The West region is definitely where you want to do some of that.”

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