Ron Butler is a sports agent who manages athletes in multiple sports.

Ron joined Ken and Steve to talk about the passing of his client and Ravens cornerback Tray Walker.

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Ron started by talking about the kind of player Tray Walker was saying “Tray was a hard working guy who dominated his league and got the notice of many teams around the NFL, fortunately he was drafted by the Ravens in last year’s draft.” As far as Tray Walker the person Ron said “Tray as a person was a very trustworthy guy, and if you were in his circle you got his full trust which is what happen with me…he was a very humble guy who just wanted to get better and provide more opportunities for his family.”

As for Tray’s interest in bikes Ron said “to be honest I didn’t know Tray was into bikes of any kind…it was shocking to me when I first got the news, his Godmother told me he had just purchased the bike a few months ago.” As for the prevalence of bike accidents in the Miami area Ron said “there have been a lot of accidents down here lately where a lot of young kids have lost their lives…nobody jumps on a bike thinking there is a possibility of losing their lives and obviously Tray was thinking the same way.”

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Ron finished up by sharing some of his favorite memories of Tray and how he will remember the life of Tray Walker.