BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Coach John Harbaugh arrived at the annual NFL meetings ready to share the Ravens’ expanded-replay plan.

The Baltimore proposal, to be discussed by team officials at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, calls for the league to expand replay challenges for coaches from two to three per game.

Harbaugh believes this will “eventually pass” even if it doesn’t happen this week. “There is no question that [expanded] replay is going to pass eventually. It is not 1999 when we put replay in. Everybody is watching the game through their smartphones now. The fans live in replay. The fans are officiating the game in replay. The fans have a better look of the game than the official does. Why aren’t we giving officials and coaches that same view?”

It seems simple. It would be safer for the players and would allow for more accurate calls. Coach continued, “There were five games last year that were determined by non-reviewable calls that determined the outcome of the game. The fans don’t understand that. They don’t want to look at that all week, that the official made a mistake that the fans can see in real time that the league said, ‘It’s not reviewable. We can’t fix that.’”



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