BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another record month of passengers passing through BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. But as more people use the airport, lines at TSA checkpoints continue to get longer — and the summer travel season isn’t even here yet.

WJZ’s Tracey Leong explains what TSA is doing to get you through security quickly and safely.

The next time you plan a trip, you may want to schedule extra time at the airport.

“You don’t want to miss your flight and you don’t want to be late,” said traveler Torrey Mayo.

Long delays at security checkpoints are a frustrating reality that are only getting worse — especially as the number of travelers goes up, while TSA staffing remains low.

“We do work with our airlines and with the TSA to identify ways to reduce passenger wait time,” said Jonathan Dean, BWI spokesperson.

BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and the TSA are making it a priority.

“We’re working very hard to dramatically improve our ability to move people through, shifting resources to the highest volume airports,” said Peter Neffenger, TSA adminstrator.

The TSA tells WJZ it is addressing the growing volume of travelers with measures, including more K-9 use, overtime and accelerated hiring.

The TSA also recommends for you to arrive at least two hours ahead of schedule to avoid missing your flight.

Early morning hours between 6 and 8 a.m. typically see the longest lines, but with the busy summer travel season fast approaching, it could be all day.

“Eight straight months of record passenger traffic,” said Dean. “So we do expect those trends to continue.”

Travelers are not taking any chances.

“Cause you never know what could happen. A lot of people might be late at the same time, so you don’t all want to be late at once,” said Mayo.

“I don’t anything to go wrong. I want to make sure that I have plenty of time and I am where I should be because I don’t want to miss a flight,” said Lin Float, traveler.

The airport is currently building a bigger security checkpoint area that will be opening at the end of 2016.

July is typically the busiest month for airports.