ANNAPOLIS (WJZ/AP)- Gov. Larry Hogan has signed 144 bills into law, including an expansion of mandatory use of breath-testing ignition devices for drunken driving convicts and criminal justice reform.

Last December while on patrol for drunk drivers, Montgomery County police officer Noah Leotta was killed when he was struck and killed by Luis Reluzco.

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Police said on December 3,  Reluzco had at least six beers and four shots and smoked marijuana before he got behind the wheel of his Honda CRV.

On Wednesday, Reluzco pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

Officer Leotta’s parents became integral in the fight to change Maryland law.

“That’s what this law is all about. It’s going to save lives,” said Richard Leotta, Noah’s father.

And now that bill is becoming a reality.

“Thanks in large part to the Leotta family’s tireless efforts, today we are singing Noah’s law,” said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

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The law will now require ignition interlocks to be installed in the cars of  all people found driving while intoxicated.

“And they won’t be able to start their car. It’s going to keep drunks off the road, and so that’s going to make things better for my cops. But it’s also going to make the roads safer for the public,” said Chief J. Thomas Manger, Montgomery County Police.

It used to take a alcohol level 0.15 before interlocks could be ordered. That’s now been lowered to 0.08.

And failing to pass a breathalyzer, even without a conviction, mandates an interlocker.

Noah Leotta died protecting the public and that mission continues.

“It’s a law, I know Noah is looking down, he’s proud of,” said Richard. “And Noah will always be on patrol, saving lives every day an interlock gets put into somebody’s car.”

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And with the Leotta’s surrounded by those who have worked for years on the issue, a quick signature made it law.