The OTAs are a time for the new players to practice, learn the playbook and gain more team experience, but unfortunately for the Ravens, they will miss thirty percent of their practices after being penalized for wearing full pads during training.

Coach Harbaugh told the media he accepted full responsibility, but former guard of the Baltimore Ravens, Wally Williams isn’t pleased with the actions of the current coach. Williams says, “if I was a young player, I would be highly upset with the decision.”

Williams joined Norris and Davis to talk about the OTAs and said, “Bottom line is, when your coach makes a decision that is a detriment to your team, you have to look at some other things here. Coach Harbaugh, for all intents and purposes, is almost becoming an egomaniac. When you make these poor decisions, when these things have been in place for eons, and every coach knows, and for them to make this kind of mistake, that tells me that the head coach is not listening to anybody. He’s in his own head. Because these kind of decisions don’t happen collectively if everybody is on board.”

“I don’t understand how the Ravens, Coach Harbaugh, and that organization can make this type of mistake as it relates to player safety,” Williams continued.

Norris and Davis also brought up the current conflict for the Rams. Los Angeles’ quarterback Nick Foles has not participated in team-run workouts since the team drafted Jared Goff No. 1 overall. Williams comments on this situation and says, “These guys are punks, man. They don’t want to work…they will find the easy way out and if it’s not given to them, they’re like spoiled brats. If you have every confidence in your skill set, you should go out there and see what happens. They just don’t want to compete.”

Hear even more from Wally Williams as he breaks down a few more interesting stories from around the NFL:


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