BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Inner Harbor is welcoming visitors to a global experience, inviting people to climb aboard ships from the U.S., Japan, Argentina and Spain to learn about their rich history.

WJZ’s Tracey Leong explains this free global opportunity.

Ships from around the world are docking in Charm City for ten days to celebrate Sail Baltimore’s 40th anniversary.

Nautical beauties have been sailing into Baltimore’s harbor since 1976. Now, people of all ages are welcome aboard.

“To share that with him, even though he’s a little young, what a wonderful experience,” said Tom Richmond, visiting from Florida.

A unique experience to interact with people from across the globe.

“Thrill to be able to welcome you all aboard. And while you are stepping up the ladder, you are entering Argentina,” said Martin Lousteau, ambassador of Argentina.

The Libertad is a school vessel for the Argentine Navy. Built in Argentina in 1950, the tall ship has docked in ports all over the world.

“We like to share this kind of thing with other mariners. This is beautiful,” said Captain Ignacio Errecaborde, Libertad.

Sail Baltimore provides visitors the opportunity to learn about maritime history, past and present.

“They can talk to the sailors, they can see the ship, they can touch it, and it gives them a sense of what is going on in the rest of the world,” said Nan Nawrocki, Sail Baltimore.

The ship crews also enjoy meeting their curious visitors.

“You just kind of never know what people are going to be interested in, and that’s actually what makes doing deck tours really interesting,” said Second Mate Elizabeth Fortek, Gazela.

The Gazela used to carry fishermen until 1969. Built in 1901 in Portugal, she now serves as Philadelphia’s maritime good will ambassador, impressing visitors across the seas.

“Where it’s been and what the crew must have endured on those kinds of journeys,” said Richmond.

Sail Baltimore’s 40th anniversary celebration will continue until June 9.

For a full schedule of Sail Baltimore events, CLICK HERE.


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