Kweisi Mfume is the former President/CEO of the NAACP, and a former Maryland congressman.

Kweisi joined Ed and Steve to talk about his memories of the late great Muhammad Ali.

Kweisi started by talking about when he first met and became friends with Muhammad Ali saying “I first met him and our friendship started in 1977 when he came to town to help raise money for a local mosque…I was following him years before that, I remember as a 16 year old sitting around listening to the Liston fight.”

Kweisi also talked about the relationship between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X saying “he got attracted to the nation and had gone to several of their meetings, Malcolm X was the one who got him to join the nation.” Kweisi also talked about how the Nation of Islam and Muhammad Ali excommunicated Malcolm X as his beliefs changed saying “Ali at the time repudiated him and Ali would often go and say it was his worst mistake…he never got the chance to say it to him, but has said it to his daughter many times.”

Kweisi also talked about sparring with Muhammad Ali in the ring and how outside of the ring Ali became an amazing world ambassador.

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