Steve Melewski, who covers the Orioles for MASN Sports, joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Orioles heading out west to take on the Padres and what he thinks will happen for All-Star voting.

Steve started out by talking about the All Star game and who should go saying, “I think Manny will get voted in, Trumbo is leading in home runs that should be enough to get him in for the second time…Brach obviously his numbers are really strong and O’Day made it last year as a non closer.” As for Matt Wieters at the catching position Steve said, “catcher is not a strong offensive position and that’s where Wieters can really make it.”

When asked about the voting process and how fans stuff the ballot boxes and what that means to the game Steve said, “it is kind of ridiculous the stuffing of the ballot box…it’s really crazy, the good news on that is they’re only getting in 16 players so the bulk of the teams are not coming from that vote.”