There seems to be a lot of talk about whether or not Chris Tillman is an ace, a Number 1, etc. Well, he’s our ace and the Orioles would be in trouble without him.

The Orioles are 18-3 when Tillman starts. They’re a tad below .500 when anyone else starts, just 36-37. So, where would the Orioles be without Chris Tillman? Out of the playoff mix.

If you look at Tillman’s numbers, he’s been very good to excellent 4 of the last 5 years.  He wasn’t very good last year, but that was an anomaly.  Tillman is just 28.  The Orioles control him for only one more year before he becomes a free agent.  He should be a top priority this off-season to sign, which probably means a hundred million dollar contract.

Who else can the Orioles feel really confident about moving forward? Maybe Gausman, maybe. Bundy? I hope so, but too early to tell. Wright and Wilson have taken a step back this year. And now, Hunter Harvey is having Tommy John surgery.  The Orioles have a pitcher in his prime that wins.  I think, as much as long-term contracts for pitchers are risky, they have no choice but sign Tillman up before they lose him in free agency.