BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The Raven’s season is rapidly approaching, but for one offensive lineman he’s been hard at work in the off-season, crunching numbers–helping Baltimore County students learn to love math.

From the gridiron to the classroom John Urschel isn’t just an athlete, he’s a mathlete.

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A graduate of Penn State University, the Ravens offensive lineman and published mathematician  decided it was time to head back to school, again.

“I decided I wanted to go back and get my Ph.D and that’s where I wanted to be, where I wanted to go,” said Urschel. “I was there this spring and I have never been happier,” said Urschel.

Now, as a spokesman for Texas Instruments, Urschel is teaching summer school students at Franklin High School the importance of number crunching through a program called “Stem Behind Sports,” where students do cool calculations like tracking the flight of a field goal.

“I know he is busy–he’s a football player and he has a lot to do, and  I  like how he can take some time off to come and talk to kids like us,’ said Filibah El-Fatoawi.

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Urschel says he’s ready for football season where he puts his math skills to good use.

“I’m using math, I am using quantitative decisions, I am making quick decisions based off my intuition,” said Urschel

He says he hopes to play football for as long as he can then he hopes to become a professor.

“Even if you love football, even if you love this one thing, that’s not all you are, you can be other things,” he says. “You can have other passions. That’s okay.”

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Urschel is so committed to the kids he gave them his personal email, telling them to email him with any math-related questions.