BALTIMORE (WJZ)--No school before Labor Day?

The governor is expected to announce the change this week for students to go back to school in September instead of August.

With Ocean City as the back drop, the state’s comptroller has taken to social media with a video to drum up support to start schools after Labor Day.

“Teachers love it, families love it, kids love it,” says Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

A later start date could also extend the tourism season. An economic impact report says the state could generate $74 million.

“We can’t find anybody who’s opposed to starting school after Labor Day. Everybody wants it,” says Franchot.

But here’s something else to consider. The state mandates 180 days of instructional time every single year. If students go back to school a little bit later, they are going to have to make up those days somehow.

“Our belief is that the school calendar should be an issue of local control,” said Bob Mosier, a spokesperson for Anne Arundel County Schools.

Mosier says changing the academic calendar isn’t that simple.

“We would have to move the end of the school year two weeks or find ten instructional days within the school year to cut, that’s very very difficult to do. That would include things like cutting spring break, perhaps going to school some of the days between Christmas and New Year’s.”

For parents, the opinions are mixed.

“We would like it to start after Labor Day. We are not that happy with how short the summer is,” said Katy Clausn.

“I really don’t care one way of another as long as they go to school the number of days that they are supposed to,” Melissa Youssi says.

The governor also supports this change and leaders are hoping the slogan will catch on.

Out of the 25 school districts in the state only one starts after Labor Day and that’s  in Worcester County.

The governor will make his announcement Wednesday.

The details of his plan have not been released.

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Ava-joye Burnett

Comments (41)
  1. bcrystal501 says:

    This has nothing to do with students or education. This is all about additional vacation weekend revenue for Hogan’s croines in Ocean City.

  2. Tina says:

    If the students have to go longer in June to make up those days then it makes no sense! How about changing the mandated 180 day to 170. These kids are not going to learn anymore in 10 days. Most of them sit around and watch movies and the like the last week of school anyhow.

  3. lily says:

    First who makes the mandate?????? Start after Labor Day and get out Memorial Day Those last 2 weeks are a joke they only have busy work.

  4. Georganna says:

    I am all for it, have signed every petition for this movement. Summer doesn’t even start till the 21st of June and ends about the 21st of September so it is cooler in June to be going to school, waiting at bus stops or walking back and forth. Have u ever had gym in 90 degree weather that August brings…Start after Labor Day!! yeah

  5. KMK says:

    Here’s a compelling reason for starting after Labor Day that might help low income families School social workers report kids staying home from the first week of school because their families could not afford uniforms and supplies at the end of the month. But one of them noted public assistance is issued at the start of the month, meaning people could have the resources for these things after Labor Day.

    I realize that’s not where Hogan’s coming from, but I’m all for positive unintended consequences!

    Of course, many people here have raised the good point of needing to extend school until late June to get in the required 180 days of school and account for heat- and snow-related closings. I don’t see this administration investing school building improvements (fans, A/Cs) or good snow removal infrastructure any time soon.

    Lots to consider and I hope there would be an informed public debate before making a big systemic change like this.

  6. CCW1965 says:

    No one asked the affect of this decision on the Special Needs Students Transitioning timetable. As it stands now, any student born on or after the start date of the school year, must exit the school system the previous school year. If the school start date change goes into effect next school year, parents will be left scrambling around to find a day program now with a shortened amount of time to do so and an unexpected graduation to plan for by the end of this school year. It takes enormous planning (usually a year) to find an an acceptable adult day program. Even more concerning, day programs are funded by the Governor’s Transition Youth program which bases its funding amount on the data provided by the Department of Special Education, which means the funding may not be there for when the student transitions because the data reflected an additional year in school. This is terrible for special needs parents affected.

  7. Ann Gray says:

    Whose “bright idea” was it to change the start of school to the week before Labor Day? In this area, August has always been the hottest month of the year. We started the day after Labor Day and school closed in mid-June. What was wrong with that?

  8. Nanette says:

    I think it would be a good idea to start school AFTER Labor Day. It just makes common sense! How many years have we dealt with sending students home because it was too hot! Hello!!! We live in Maryland here !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. KAREN CLINE says:

    No matter which way it goes someone is gonna complain. I am a school bus driver and it’s HOT in June also. So if you move the start day to after Labor Day, school would go further into June.

  10. thomas breen says:

    well it,s about time they put it back the way it used to be who ever changed it before should have been fired a long time a go.and i wish i had as much time off when i was going to school as they do to day

  11. GDB says:

    Once again, the tourism industry relies on college students for their workforce. Colleges end the year prior to Memorial Day. Colleges begin the year prior to Labor Day.

    Not to mention…at least 15,000 high school students are already involved in extracurricular activities in early to mid August. This is not even taking into consideration students involved in youth programs that being in late July or early August. Parents of those children vacation in early summer.

    There is currently “only one” of 24 school districts in MD that start school after Labor Day – why is that? Hmmmm…it’s Worcester County – home of OC.

    Worcester County starts school this year on September 6th – the day after Labor Day. Worcester County’s last day is June 16th. If schools in western Maryland are forced to begin after Labor Day, there is the potential the last day of school could be facing July 4th.

    Finally, would I take my school-age children on vacation over Labor Day weekend when I knew school would begin the day after Labor Day? Nope!

    I dare anyone to explain how there will be a net economic gain by starting the school year after Labor Day, and that includes Hogan and Franchot.

    This should be a local decision – plain and simple.

  12. I went to Baltimore City Public Schools when there was no air conditioning in schools and we never closed for hot weather. The new school year always started the day after Labor Day and we didn’t have all the days off schools have now. Maryland school systems hardly go two full weeks without a day or half day off for one reason or another. Knock out the fluff, start later and end earlier!

    1. GDB says:

      So…what is the “fluff”?

  13. For years schools started after Labor Day and the number of days worked out. Also 4H kids are at the State Fair until Labor Day!

  14. Teacher says:

    Schools should start after Labor Day!!!! Many other states start after Labor Day and finish in the middle of June WITHOUT taking away Easter/Spring Break or Christmas/Winter Break days.
    While we at it, why is it that teachers have to come back in the middle of August???? In PG County my school year started August 19th.

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