BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)–Only one week into the school year and the Baltimore County Board of Education changes its own heat policy.

In an amendment voted on during a school board meeting on Tuesday night, kids will now have to go to school if the heat index fails to hit 90 degrees by 11:00 a.m.

The decision comes amid growing frustration due to the county’s old policy, which required 37 schools to shut their doors if the heat index goes above 90 degrees for any part of the day.

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But some believe the original plan backfired. Just a week into the year those 37 schools without air conditioning had to close twice.

“If there are days that aren’t being made up, then the other middle schools are going to have an advantage over our school,” said Willis Morales.

“We should try out best to keep the children in school for as much of the time as we possibly can,” said school board member Michael Collins.

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Also part of the amendment: if the heat index is expected to reach 90 degrees by 3pm parents will have the option to keep their kids home and mark it as an excused absence.

“If I take him out of school he’s still going to miss out because the class is still going to be going,” said one parent.

Many people believe the issue of hot classrooms could be avoided if school starts after Labor Day.

Governor Hogan is expected to make an announcement regarding school start times tomorrow.

Out of the 173 schools in the district, only 37 of them have no air conditioning.

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Ava-joye Burnett

Comments (4)
  1. Crystal says:

    I say we take these board of education people and sit them in a classroom for a day with it being 90 degrees or above and see if they change their minds. It is too hard to focus if you are dehydrating or overly hot. I challenge the board of education to go sit in those hot classrooms.

  2. Ronald Jonas says:

    This all falls on Kevin Kamenetz…………He has been county executive since 2010 and hasn’t done a thing about this except spew political garbage. He wants to blame the new current governor for this debacle. Kamenetz is the problem not the solution!!

  3. Karen Silkworth says:

    This has been going on since 2015…………..Kamenetz is a joke. Here is the link to the story so you can see this useless clown for yourself.

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