This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show Best Of includes interviews with John Eisenberg on the Ravens win over the Lions, Roch Kubatko on the Orioles struggling lately, and actor Sean Astin on Baltimore Comic Con.


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Eisenberg started by talking about the injury to Ben Watson on the first play from scrimmage and what is happening to the team at the tight end position saying, “dwindling would be a word to describe it, that’s a tough one and Watson… it was really heartfelt and emotional in that locker room…this is a guy who had come in and was already a leader in the locker room, impressive guy and they will miss him on and off the field.” As for what happens with that position right now John said, “right now Crockett Gilmore becomes the starter, they have a shot to be okay there.”

When asked about how Terrell Suggs performed on Saturday night John said, “attitude wise he was like a rookie, if I’m the Ravens I’m very happy with what I’ve seen…he is obviously enthusiastic, I think the year off has made him appreciate things more.”

John went on to talk about the injury to rookie running back Kenneth Dixon, and how that will effect the team’s going forward as we head to the regular season.


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Roch started by talking about the low attendance at last night’s big game between the O’s and Blue Jays saying, “it was surprising to me, and a lot of people said it’s the first day of school and I get that…I was looking around like where is every body, and there are people talking about around the country from people covering other teams.”

When asked about what to expect from tonight’s game between the Orioles and Blue Jays with this lineup against a left handed pitcher Roch said, “it’s interesting we’ve seen Kim a couple times against lefties, Steve Pearce will be in there against Happ he has really good numbers against him…Adam Jones I really don’t know we thought we would see him yesterday, but if he feels wrong at all he’s not going to play and Reimold will be in center field.”


Sean started off by talking about being a part of Comic Con and how it has changed his life saying “there are Comic Con’s all over the world now, if I decided to never do anything again in my life I could travel all the world and sign autographs for fans.”

Sean then tried to prepare Rob for his first visit to Comic-Con this weekend by telling him what to expect saying “the fact is, it’s really turned into a family experience, what blows my mind is how together and smart families are now…it’s kind of like Halloween or going to the fair, it’s more of a mainstream thing now not just freaks and geeks.”

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Sean went on to talk about his favorite roles, his most important roles, and how appreciative he is to have been a part of some really great movies.