BALTIMORE (WJZ)–There is quite a line-up of water attractions here at the Inner Harbor, but the city is ready for some new ideas.

It’s a father and daughter bonding day for James Moroz and 2-year-old Madeline.

They’re in Baltimore to enjoy the Dragon Boats.

“I think it’s something that benefits the tourism in the area and it should stay. It’s the first thing my daughter spotted when we came around the corner and she saw the colorful boats,” said James and Madeline.

That remains to be seen. Living Classroom, the current operator of the paddle, dragon and electric boats in the harbor is at the end of its 10-year contract.

Now, the city is requesting proposals for new ideas for on-water attractions at the Inner Harbor.

“The whole Inner Harbor was an innovative idea and so we think this is just the next step in that, in bringing something new and exciting to get people down to the water,” said Dan Taylor, with the Baltimore Development Corporation.

Those making suggestions are urged to keep them fun, affordable and family-friendly.

Adding to the challenge, finding something that appeals to the masses.

Nearly 15 million people visit the Inner Harbor each year; making it one of the top destinations in Baltimore and Maryland.

“They really have just about a little bit of everything,” said Rebecca Burris.

While BDC is only considering written proposals, from qualified operators, tourists and residents, have some suggestions.

Courtney Jordan says she would like to see more food options.

“I’ve been coming down here for 20, 25 years. It means a lot and I hope they keep their promise of cleaning it up,” said Steve Dotson.

If there are any new attractions. They would be located at two city-owned docks, near the World Trade Center. Proposals must be submitted by November 1st.

BDC says they are especially interested in attractions that would be ready no later than June 1, 2017.

For a link of the proposal application, CLICK HERE.


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