BALTIMORE (WJZ)- A Carnival Pride ship bound for Baltimore was at sea as Tropical Storm Hermine spun up the Atlantic.

Ruby Singleton Blakeney was aboard the ship during the storm and says the trip was anything but relaxing.

“It really looked like the waves were up to where we were and I was up on the 7th deck,” said Blakeney, who is an Annapolis native. “The waters were just so rough and it was coming inside of the door.”

Blakeney is back home now, but tells WJZ says she doubts she’ll ever travel on Carnival again.

“We got our life vests and just prepared for the worse,” she said.

After analyzing the weather, Carnival decided to bring the Pride back to its homeport in Baltimore.

In a statement to WJZ, the company says, “We can fully appreciate the larger than normal waves and wind may have concerned your viewer. All guest were delivered safe and sound back to Baltimore and were not in danger at any point in time.”

The Baltimore-Bahamas itinerary is a popular one and it’s not the only cruise Hermine interrupted.

Officials say the stormed also rocked a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship from New Jersey to Bermuda

Carnival Pride, who has a capacity of 2,100 people, says it checked out the ship to make sure it was okay and after disembarking.

No one was injured during the cruise, officials say.

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  1. Jay says:

    Any cruise ship could encounter a storm at sea, its mother nature, not carnivals fault, she needs think with intelligence , stop being so dramatic.

  2. Marcus says:

    She’s looking for a free cruise period!! I have been on 5 in my lifetime and 2 of them were in storms. Nothing can be done about waves when one is traveling in the atlantic, that’s the way it is.I thought it brought added excitement to the cruise. How many people ever get to witness the Hurricanes waves at sea? Its beautiful to see! Notice at the end she says she may sail again just not on Carnival? ALL SHIPS ARE THE SAME AND THE ATLANTIC IS THE ATLANTIC. Stat home!!

  3. Patricia Mierop says:

    I just traveled on the carnival pride on 8/21 thru 8/28… I don’t know why this woman said she would never travel carnival again… ummmmm…. it is hurricane season…. and no matter what ship she was on would have had the same issues…. i’m sure it was very frightening and I am glad that everyone on board was safe.

  4. Keith says:

    I was on the ship, and the problem wasn’t the fact that we encountered rough seas… The problem is that they canceled a scheduled stop in Freeport, Bahamas because they were going to try and “beat the storm” back to Baltimore. They in fact did not beat the storm back, but instead raced into it as it started to re-strengthen over open water. They could have lagged back and it would have been a much safer and more comfortable experience for all on board. We were taking large waves directly on the starboard side for hours, which proves that we were in fact NOT ahead of the storm. Sea water was entering the ship from at least deck 3. The boat listed heavily to port multiple times between 5:00 and 6:00 am on Sat morning. Objects were falling and breaking in staterooms all over the ship. People were walking around on lower decks with their life preservers on in sheer terror

    A letter from the captain was delivered to every room explaining the canceled stop in Freeport because the passengers comfort and safety were there number one priority. In reality, they just did not want to arrive back to Baltimore late like the previous voyage did because that created a logistical nightmare for everyone trying to embark on this cruise.

    Carnival has released false statements to the media multiple times in regards to this cruise: #1 the will not acknowledge that seawater was entering the ship. #2 They contend that there were no injuries, yet two people had heart attacks during the storm and were rushed to the hospital as soon as the ship docked ( I have video ) #3 They have said in a statement to WBAL that “…Bringing the vessel in several hours early ensures that all passengers and crew are safely at dock prior to the arrival of the heaviest weather associated with Tropical storm Hermine” The fact of the matter is we encountered the heaviest weather off the Outerbanks and the storm was already well past us by the time we reached port.

    So yes, encountering rough weather during Hurricane season should be considered a possibility, but Carnival and the crew of this ship made a decision to take the ship into the worst of the weather that was completely unnecessary, proving that passenger “comfort and safety” was really not their top priority.

    1. Dale Gallant says:

      I was on this cruise with my wife and kids. The ship listed dramatically to the left at about 5:00 and sat there for about 2 minutes. It really was terrifying. What Keith just said it exactly the truth.

  5. Shrish says:

    I was in the same cruise and concur with Keith. It was a terrifying experience.

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