BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Towson University’s men’s basketball coach Pat Skerry is trying something new this season and requiring every member of his team to register to vote in the election this November.

Skerry says he doesn’t care who his players vote for, as long as they vote. The Tiger players will not be able to make it to polls on Election Day, due to preparing for the opening game against George Mason University, but Skerry will have his players fill out absentee ballots in the coming weeks.

Skerry said, “I’m not a big political guy, or on a soapbox, but with this I think it’s important this year, more than any other, for them to cast their vote for whomever they want.”

He hopes this sparks many of Towson’s other teams to encourage students to do the same, and he’d like to see other men’s basketball programs take on some communal civic pride as well.


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