BALTIMORE (WJZ)— No one was injured after a school bus goes up in flames in Maryland on Monday.

It happened in the 9600 block of 51st Ave. in College Park, Prince George’s County.

Mark Brady, a spokesperson with the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS says there were 20 children from Glen Arden Woods Elementary School on the bus at the time of the blaze, but escaped uninjured.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Facebook user Fazlul Kabir, who apparently witnessed the blaze, said the bus driver took each of the 20 students out of the bus one by one while it was still burning.

“I am a mom of two kids. it’s my job to save them” she told Kabir.

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Comments (32)
  1. Bruce says:

    First of all there is nothing in a school bus that would start a fire on its is a steel box on wheels. This fire was started intentionally by one of the kids.Someone lit a seat on fire.

    1. Logan Line says:

      My hat’s off to this Lady bus driver. Not only did she show great courage, but cool headed thinking and decisive action in a very volatile situation. Thank GOD everyone is safe. Also a comment to Bruce….you have no idea how many ways a fire can start on any vehicle. That steel box you refer to has more electrical wiring than any passenger car. Your comment may have been well intentioned, but it seemed a little accusatory to me.

      1. Mike P says:

        You are incorrect about more wiring then a car and Bruce has a point. First of all as a truck mechanic I can attest to the fact that the only wiring going to the rear of a front engine bus which is what we have here is 12v lighting wires so Logan you are incorrect. If this bus were a diesel pusher it would be a different story. I believe this may have been intentionally set as well as the only thing to burn from the engine back are seating material.

    2. You are right Bruce, there is no fire.

    3. Tom brook says:

      Yes Bruce and Mike there was no fire at all. What a crock. Neither one of you know what you are talking about but what does it matter? She is still a heroe!

  2. cat inersom says:

    Wow, a true hero! Thank God for this lady!