By Rick Ritter

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A highly anticipated new movie hits theaters this weekend about the life of Edward Snowden, a Maryland man who worked for the NSA and leaked classified documents. Now a prominent Maryland congressman is urging people not to see the movie.

He labels himself a whistle blower, but critics call him a traitor. The saga of Edward Snowden has captivated the world for the past three years. His story is now a Hollywood movie.

In 2013, the Maryland man and NSA contractor leaked thousands of pages of classified government documents to media. Snowden says he wanted to expose the government’s collection of U.S. citizens’ private information. He now lives in Russia in asylum, and faces espionage charges in the U.S.

“I don’t know what tomorrow looks like, but I’m glad for the decision I made,” Snowden said.

The movie follows Snowden, from a young Army recruit to a computer expert for the NSA.

A new report released this week by the House Intelligence Committee says Snowden was just a disgruntled employee, and is not a whistle blower. It says the majority of the documents he stole were military and defense secrets–nothing to do with Americans’ privacy.

The movie Snowden hits theaters across the country this weekend, and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger says Americans shouldn’t give Snowden any more publicity.

“That’s why I’m suggesting to people not to go to the movies, because I don’t want one of the biggest traitors in the country to be glorified,” said Ruppersberger.

Ruppersberger says Snowden’s disclosure harmed the U.S., especially in its fight against terrorism.

“It’s like giving the enemy what we do and all the private and classified information we have,” he said.

Both the movie and report come the same week that Snowden spoke about seeking presidential pardon. The White House says President Obama believes Snowden should return to the U.S. and face charges.

Earlier this year, the former U.S. attorney general said a plea deal with Snowden was a possibility.

Rick Ritter

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  1. Marcus says:

    Of Course political figures don’t want the public to see this move….because Snowden lets the cat out of the bag…politicians are corrupt!!

  2. The polo shirted County Executive that is now one of the tailored suited good ole boys doesn’t want the truth revealed as to how corrupt DC is. Dutch sold his soul in his first term in DC, My respect for this spineless selfish Obama toady is in negative numbers.

  3. Aaron Barlow says:

    Sounds like the movie makers arranged some publicity 🙂

  4. Tim Utz says:

    I did see the movie. This movie IS A MUST SEE for any liberty, constitutional minded, people who demand the Founding Fathers understanding of God granted rights; the basic function of the Bill of Rights and Constitution be supreme.

  5. Tracey Reitterer says:

    If politicians are telling us not to see it – it means GO SEE IT – because politicians don’t want us to see the TRUTH.

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