By Pat Warren

OWING MILLS, Md. (WJZ)– Wegmans is opening it’s second store in Baltimore County Sunday, and that’s only the beginning.

There’s a lot riding on the success of this new location and it didn’t come easy. The area before Foundry Row that used to be the old solo cup plant, looks a lot different today.

The new Foundry Row Wegmans ready to open and development is still underway for other stores to come. The County hopes this will be as big a draw as Owings Mills Mall once was.

In its heyday, Owings Mills Mall was a driver for housing and economic development. Not anymore.

“The mall was a concept that was devised in the 70s, built in the 80s and died around the turn of the century,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

Wegmans is the key to a $140 million investment in Foundry Row.

Tom Swarzweller, an executive chef at Wegmans, is one of the 400 plus area residents who works there now.

“All my neighbors keep coming over my house saying when you gonna open? When are you gonna open,” said Swarzweller.

The answer is Sunday.

“These types of stores and developments attract other investments to take place and we’ll have a new epicenter for Owings Mills Newtown,” said Kamenetz.

A lot of people believe Wegmans is going to be the catalyst that sort of revitalizes the area.

“We’re going to deliver on the promises we made before the grand opening and bring great service, great selection and great quality to the area,” said Matt Lepore, Wegmans manager.

At 109,000 feet this is the big first step for Owings Mills Foundry Row.

According to Kevin Kamenetz, $1 billion in private investment is taking place in Owings Mills.

  1. Wegman’s in Owings Mills is just like the CVS that was burned and looted in West Baltimore. The customers in their other stores will be saddled with higher prices to subsidize the shoplifting theft losses from these stores. The clientele have repeated proved they do not want nice places to shop.

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